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Empowering Women in The New World of Decentralized Innovation and Emerging Technology

We have brought together an eclectic panel of women who are working at some of Vancouver’s top blockchain startups to help answer the most pressing questions...

Meet the Women in Vancouver’s Top Blockchain Startups

Past Event

Join a dynamic panel of entrepreneurs willing to share their experience and opinions about Blockchain technology. To help you navigate the uncharted waters of this ground-breaking technology...

Past Event

Calling all developers. You have a super power. Put it to work in the decentralized economy.

No need to have any prior blockchain coding skills. A browser is all you need to get started.

Create a decentralized product for a viable and sustainable emerging decentralized economy.

Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon

Upcoming Event

Galya Westler is the founder and CEO of Plazus, a Blockchain startup. 

Join us on Sep 10th for an intimate fireside chat with Galya to get an insight into the life of an ambitious entrepreneur...

Opportunity or Hype? Life as a Blockchain Entrepreneur

Past Event

Community Events

Oct 20 & 21, 2018

Vancouver, Canada

Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon

Create a decentralized product/service to help Alice and Bob participate in the emerging decentralized economy.