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Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon

Create a decentralized product/ Service to help Alice and Bob participate in the emerging decentralized economy.

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To Blockchain or Not To Blockchain

Join a dynamic panel of entrepreneurs willing to share their experience and opinions about Blockchain technology. To help you navigate the uncharted waters of this ground-breaking technology.

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Meet the Women in Vancouver’s Top Blockchain Startups

Learn from the practitioners of the most transformative technology since the invention of the internet.

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The Future of Decentralized Innovation with Hedera Hashgraph

What is it like to be an entrepreneur in one of the most exciting fast moving segments in the tech startup world?

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The Future of Decentralized Innovation with Hedera Hashgraph

Learn about a vision for the future of the internet with Hedera, a public ledger using the Hashgraph algorithm.